Modelos de Arco de los Sticks de Hockey TK

Through rigorous testing, TK has developed a range of Bow Moulds that meet head-on each players specific game play requirements.

The lowest placement of the 25mm bow possible to produce the ultimate in drag flick performance. Carbon rich specification for excellent power potential.
Evenly balanced with a 25mm bow, moving the apex to- wards the head, with a lighter pick up due to the addition of a 3mm Control Wing Technology Groove over the playing surface.
Evenly balanced with a 25mm bow to aid dynamic ball control and multi-directional dribbling, drag flicking and aerial passing, while performing well for all basic ball skills.
A balanced profile with a 22mm bow apex for players who prefer straighter sticks with a quick and upright playing style. Newly introduced due to your demand.
A straight profile variation with an evenly soft bow apex and a 10mm hook extension benefitting reverse stick control, for a quick and upright playing style.